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“Where Quality and Care Go Hand in Hand”

“Where Quality and Care
Go Hand in Hand”

CCB # 165759
CCB # 165759

What Our Customers Say About Us

Our customers like the work we do for them because at Anthony Dostie Construction, in addition to producing a quality product, we work hard at being a positive construction experience for our customers. Our motto of “Where Quality and Care Go Hand in Hand” reflects that philosophy and the testimonials on this page demonstrate our success at meeting that objective.

There Were No Surprises

Tony did a great job. He was tasked with removing a wall and got it done quickly and beautifully. He charged exactly what he quoted me and there were no surprises. Him and his team are great people and I look forward to working with them again.

Erik U.
Corvallis, Oregon


I am Extremely Satisfied

I had a total kitchen remodel and floor tiled. I had never hired a contractor before and had no idea of what was involved. Anthony led me through the process and calmed my anxieties. He and his crew were very professional,accomplished and courteous. Anthony had a good relationship with his subcontractors and all phases of the job were done in a timely manner. Anthony also made sure everything was done to code and to his high standards. I am extremely satisfied with my finished kitchen and new tile floor.

Shirley S.
Corvallis, Oregon


Great Guy with Lots of Experience

Great guy with lots of experience in all types of construction. For me he has built;

  • a multi-level patio
  • a wine cellar
  • a modern kitchen & bath

He has also remodeled both residences and commercial space of a historic building.

He only uses reputable and reasonable subcontractors. Tony does quality work and will go out of his way to make a client happy

Kathy M.
Albany, Oregon


We Are Very Pleased With His Workmanship

We had a wonderful experience working with Anthony. The first time we hired him, it was a small project of changing two exterior doors and a window in the old part of the house. It was done very well and timely. Since then, we have had Anthony and his crew remodel several projects for us over the past several years, that we have been waiting to do. They were all completed to our satisfaction and we are very pleased with his workmanship.

Leona O.
Albany, Oregon


His Craftsmanship Is Always Top Notch

I have worked with Tony on four projects to date. There have been three home remodel projects, and one light commercial historic building in Albany, like the Historic building downtown Albany. His Craftsmanship is always top notch. If a budget is worked out, a time line drawn out, and a set of plans printed, he will meet both as long as there are no unknowns. Many remodels can be a can of worms, and he handles them with ease. A plan is a must! Make sure to work out through one with him or else timing and pricing will get out of control. He can guide you through this process. He has a small crew, but can accommodate large projects with enough advance planing. He is on time when meeting me, has good communication during the project and is friendly. He will work with you to get the project to be what you envisioned.

Ray M.
Albany, Oregon


Remodel Was Finished on Time

Anthony was recommended to me by a close friend, to remodel my kitchen. Not sure of what to do, he and I worked out all the details before starting my kitchen remodel. He helped with setting up the purchasing of the new appliances, and making those decision were all easier on me. We went together to pick out the flooring samples, along with the laminate for the counter-tops, matching the color and patterns to my liking. Tony's crew and sub-contractors were also great to work with. The remodel was finished on time and I have a beautiful, and functional kitchen. I have promised he and his family an Italian dinner soon.

Don M.
Corvallis, Oregon


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ARD-CO Corporation
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