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“Where Quality and Care Go Hand in Hand”

“Where Quality and Care
Go Hand in Hand”

CCB # 165759
CCB # 165759

Custom Built Homes Project

A custom built home is a large undertaking, often with a six month or longer time-line. Costs and time-lines need to be managed closely in order to meet customers expectations. At Anthony Dostie Construction we have the experience to help you build your dream home in the location of your choice.


Okray Custom Built Home Project
Eugene Oregon

This custom built home, which was built on a steep sloping hill, was completed from the ground up in 6 months. Because the home was on a steep grade, it required extensive excavation and exacting site work. In addition, we did special concrete work at the back of the home and for the steep driveway.


Lower Deck Area at Rear of Home

Street view of the home

This view of the home shows the rear deck and part of the lower yard.

rear deck and year

Part of the south facing slopped driveway from the street leading up to the home.

street view of home


View of the Home from the Driveway

Deck at the Front of the Home

The walkway to the front entrance of the home from the driveway.

main entrance to home

The large south facing front deck that covers the main entrance.

upper deck at front of home


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ARD-CO Corporation  DBA  Anthony Dostie Construction

ARD-CO Corporation
DBA  Anthony Dostie Construction

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